for professional house painting in Stellenbosch and the Boland


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Finesse undertakes minor or moderate roof repair work (such as replacing roof nails, sealing minor cracks that could lead to water damage etc.), but serious roof leaks are referred to a specialist partner.

It is often recommended that a roof be cleaned using a high pressure hose.  A roof (especially that of an older house) collects an astonishing amount of dirt, leaves, old paint, algae and moss over time.  It is essential to get rid of this before applying a new coat of roof paint.  In cases where high pressure cleaning is not necessary or possible, unwanted material is removed by using a wire brush.  At the same time, our team inspects and cleans your gutters and down pipes to ensure the proper run-off of rainwater.   

You can also read about how we treat ceilings, external walls, internal walls, external metal work, timer (outside) and woodwork (inside).